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Funders, partners and sponsors

Let me count the ways

As a charity we welcome support in all forms. As an organisation or a funder you may be looking for ways you can support the fight against climate change, but not sure where to start.

There are lots of opportunities to do this with us: on social media; in The Hub situated in The Glades shopping centre, Bromley; in printed materials; and in projects. We’re always looking for funders, partners and sponsors for our workshops, activities, and collaborative projects, as well as larger financial ventures such as our research project or guaranteeing the future of The Hub.

Your impact is magnified by the number of people we interact with in our local communities. A flavour of who we work with is outlined below, but this is the tip of the iceberg. We’d love for you to come on board.

Discuss the possibilities with us today. We’re not short of ideas if you want to be involved.

The Hub from Greener and Cleaner shop front

Producing ground-breaking research

With endorsement and support from Dr Richard Carmichael (Imperial College London), Dr Kris De Meyer (UCL), Professor Colin Strong (IPSOS) and funding from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), we’re undertaking ground-breaking research to increase diversity and inclusion in climate change, active engagement and open discussions for systemic change. Our research will identify the best way to talk about climate change and produce meaningful engagement and action in all different communities and demographics across the UK. We’re looking for funders for stage two.

Changing young lives

We’re working in partnership with six schools across Bromley and Greenwich boroughs. Guided by experts from Greener and Cleaner, students from Bullers Wood School, Coopers School, Glebe School, Langley Park School for Girls, The Ravensbourne School and Eltham Hill are learning how to repair, reuse and upcycle clothes. They’re showcasing their final work in a fashion show too.

Trendsetters of a different kind, these young people are changing their fashion habits and helping to save the planet. The course empowers all students with opportunities for decision-making, developing leadership skills and combating climate anxiety by helping young people feel like an ‘interbeing’. An individual who, through their actions within the wider community, can contribute to global change.

With thanks to The Platinum Jubilee Fund awarded by The National Lottery Community Fund these students will benefit from learning skills that will enable them to extend the life of the fashion they love, and reduce their impact on the environment.

If you’d like to fund more projects like this to help young people please get in touch.
If you’re a school who’d like to participate please contact our youth outreach team.

Join the team of funders, partners and sponsors

Government and Local Council

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), DEFRA, Bromley Council’s Carbon Management Team and Waste Team, Property X-Change (GLA), Committee for Climate Change (CCC)

National and international environmental organisations

Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Earth, Living Streets, Global Action Plan, Urban Design Group


Transport for London, Living Streets, Sustrans, LBB Dr Bike, Lewisham Cyclists, Bromley and Beckenham Cyclists

Children and Young People

CASPA, Bromley Youth Strike for Climate, Bromley Y, 40+ primary schools, 7+ secondary schools and colleges, Penge Youth Centre, Maypole Project, Bromley Youth Council, Bromley Youth Strike for Climate

Local community groups and campaigners

Friends of Parks, Climate Action Lewisham, Greenwich Sustainability, Mums for Lungs, South East London Community Energy (SELCE), 4+ food banks, Countryside Consultative Panel, 10+ churches and mosques.


Imperial College London Behavioural Science Lead, IPSOS Behavioural Science Lead, UCL Neuroscience Lead, Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) Climate Lead, Tony Blair Institute Economics Lead.

£60,700 raised at TFN Summer Connector
Greener and Cleaner Founder, Parisa Wright (far right), proud to receive £20,000 of the funds raised at The Funding Network's Summer Connector event. Photo: The Funding Network/Daniel Lewis.