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Senior leadership team

Meet the Senior leadership team:

These are the volunteer change-makers at the heart of our charity.


Parisa Wright

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With a background of 20 years in media law, a passion for connecting people and problem solving, and two small children to inspire me; I’m passionate about raising awareness and bringing people together to make simple but impactful green changes at a local level.

My mixed Persian heritage and lived experience has highlighted how my family and many other Middle Eastern, African and Asian families are disproportionately affected by high carbon lifestyles and climate change. It fuels my passionate focus to help make sure sustainable living is normalised for everyone and practical support becomes accessible, inclusive and appealing for all.

I believe in the power of collaboration and that partnership building at all levels is key to halving carbon emissions asap in the UK. When I am not working for the charity or with my young family, I offer external support as a speaker, trainer and facilitator.

Read my full bio and connect with me on Linked In:

Plus you can watch a 3 minute ITV news piece on my story so far.

Andy Thomas Greener and Cleaner Director

Andy Thomas


I grew up in Coventry but came to Goldsmiths University as a student and have lived and worked in SE London ever since.

Most of my working life has been within the local authority sector – in a range of different roles but always alongside communities to help create change. I’m a people person and at my best when I’m part of a team where there is a diversity of experiences and skills alongside the humility and desire to challenge and learn from each other. Working with Greener & Cleaner provides the perfect opportunity for me to apply my own experience to the biggest challenge that we all face.

Outside of work, family is very important to me and with my wife Jo I have 5 grown-up children and 4 grand-children. I enjoy good food and red wine, books and going to the theatre. I like to watch most sports but particularly football and specifically Coventry City.


Clare Searle

Chief Strategy Officer

I work as the CSO alongside running an Environment, Social Justice and Strategy consultancy and an Executive coaching business. I chair a grant-giving charity board, and a local school governing body, as well as volunteering in the community through Bromley Y youth mentoring, and as part of the Rotary.

I passionately believe that we have a responsibility to our local communities and the global community to use our skills for good. Therefore, I use my senior leadership, strategy, service design and project experience skills to do just that, no matter what hat I am wearing that day.

Read my full bio and connect with me on LinkedIn: