Green Finance

Green Investing and Banking

When spending money as a consumer, we often agonise as to what businesses we should support, and those to avoid. However, not many of us think about what companies we are unwittingly supporting through where our savings go.

A bit like switching energy provider, switching where you bank, or what ISAs or pension pots you have could make a huge difference by allocating money to companies making positive changes….and this doesn’t have to be detrimental to your returns!

A lot of us are ‘unwitting investors’, not realising we effectively own stocks and shares through our pension schemes. Or, that our cash in the bank may be being used to fund dubious causes. All this adds up to £trillions that we are all accountable for investing.

The below links look at these areas. Some focus on workplace pensions, others on personal investments, such as ISAs. Or, others look at bank accounts and mortgages.

None of these should be seen as advice and decisions will be dependent on your circumstances. If in any doubt, you should consider taking advice from an independent financial advisor.

Green finance links:

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Top 5 ethical pension funds for 2020

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Explains what ‘green banking’ is and runs through some providers:

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