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Show the Love campaign

Show the Love this February!

Created by The Climate Coalition, the symbol of a green heart is used during the month of February to contact decision makers and ask for real, tangible action on climate change at a local and national level.

Now more than ever, The Climate Coalition are advocating for urgent action to tackle climate change, protect nature and bring down bills.

How do I get involved?

  1. Craft a green heart.
  2. Share it! With friends, family, your school, your MP to ask for urgent action on climate change.

You can pop into The Hub during our opening times in February to craft your own green heart with materials we have ready for you.

Share your heart with your MP and ask for action on climate change.

Share your heart on social media with the hashtag #ShowTheLove – we’d love to see yours too!

Taking a photo of a crafted paper heart for show the love campaign
Photo credit: The Climate Coalition

How do I do contact my MP?

The Climate Coalition’s website has a handy tool to find your MP. They encourage you to contact your MP: “We know many people are unsure about how worthwhile contacting their MP will be, and many feel daunted by the prospect of doing so. But, writing to your MP is an opportunity to see real, tangible action on climate change at a local and even national level”.

They even offer a downloadable, printable postcard to share your green heart with your MP in the action pack they have produced. Download the action pack here. Copies are also available in The Hub on request.

Full information on the Climate Coalition website:

Useful links

Find your local MP

Find your local MP on the government website

They work for you

Find your local MP and also view their voting record and activity.

Write to them

A good site for showing all Councillors, London Assembly members and your MP. As the website name suggests you can write to them directly from this site too.