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Are you a keen recycler but not sure what to do with all the things that can’t go in your home recycling bin?  This A-Z is a local guide to how to make the most of just about everything without throwing it in the rubbish.

Recycling is great, but reusing is better, so if you’ve got something that can be used again, please pass on to a charity, friend, neighbour or local exchange group.

If you’re not sure if something can be put in your home recycling bin, you can check by visiting https://londonrecycles.co.uk/recycling-services/

Please remember all Terracycle collectors are volunteers and many collect at home so please direct message them through the Facebook group first, check what they are collecting and when it is suitable to drop off.

If you have any suggestion or updates please use the form below to submit your information.

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Baby items

Drop off point
dummies / pacifierssupport@la-romi.com - instagram, online shop
food pouches1. Terracycle or ecobrick
2. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.
plastic bibssupport@la-romi.com
teats / bottle teats / babies feeding teatssupport@la-romi.com

Cleaning Products

Drop off point
home hygiene / cleaning product wrappers1. Terracycle: Sandra West - BR1 (near Bromley Court Hotel)
2. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.
bleach and disinfectant bottles / green box bromley/terracycle?
cleaning product containers / spray bottles / trigger bottlesgreen box / reuse / fire brigade collection?
disposable gloves / latex gloves / cleaning gloves / rubber gloves1. Terracycle: Kathy Torman - BR1 (Sundridge)
2. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.

Food & Drinks

Drop off point
aluminium/plastic packaging / pepperami wrapper / capri sun Enval - Material Reception, Enval Ltd, Unit 118, Alconbury Weald Enterprise Zone, Huntingdon, PE28 4WX
(also pet food etc and seals from plastic milk bottles)
aluminium tubes / tomato paste tubesgreen box kerbside recycling Bromley
biscuit tinsgreen box
biscuit wrappers / biscuit packets / snack wrappers-sweet1. Terracycle: Sandra West - BR1 (near Bromley Court Hotel)
2. Kathy Torman - BR1 (Sundridge)
3. Clare Searle - (BR2 Chatterton Village)
4. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.
black plastic trays / black ready meal cartons / black plastic tubsecobrick
bread bags / bread packaging / bread wrappers1. Terracycle: Clare Searle - (BR2 Chatterton Village)
2. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.
can shrinkwrap / multibuy wrappingwith carrier bag at Morrisons and other supermarkets
cans / tin can / tingreen box Bromley
coffee cup lids / takeaway cup lids / sip through lidsCosta, hubbub points at stations
coffee grounds / grinds / coffee dregscompost options community compost scheme (TR)
coffee pods / coffee capsules1. manufacturer or Terracycle
2. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.
cooked food wastefood bin / hot composter
cooking oil bottlesgreen box bromley
corks / wine corksLathwaites, schools, community craft groups?
crisp packets / crisp bags / savoury snacks1. Terracycle: Sandra West - BR1 (near Bromley Court Hotel)
2. Maria Staines - BR1 (College Road)
3. Christina Burbage (BR2 Hayes)
4. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.
egg boxes / egg cartonscraft for schools, community groups, return to zero waste shop like SWOP, compost
fresh food / unwanted foodtrussel trust / food bank
fruit punnets - plastic / plastic punnets / fruit traysreuse
glass bottleszero wate shop, reuse, green box bromley
jars and bottles1. wildlife sanctuary?
2. olio
juice cartonsgreen box
pringles / snack tubes / pringles pots1. Terracycle: Christina Burbage (BR2 Hayes)
2. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.
tea bagscompost options

Health and Beauty

Drop off point
cotton buds (organic)food waste / compost
cotton wool (100% cotton)food waste / compost
Mascara wands / makeup brusheswildlife sanctuaries, check if needed.
bottle tops / lush pots Lush (LUSH GREEN HUB)/ green box
epipensWallace ping chemist
hair straightener / curlerwww.cloudninehair.com/recycle
inhalersBoots - Complete the cycle scheme
oral hygiene / toothpaste tubes / bathroom products1. Terracycle : Maria Staines - BR1 (college road)
2. Terracycle Charlton SE7 group - drop off events approx every 2 months.
personal care / beauty packaging1. Terracycle: Kathy Torman - BR1 (Sundridge)
2. Clare Searle - (BR2 Chatterton Village)

Household Items

Drop off point
aerosol cans / spray cansgreen box kerbside recycling bromley
furniture - chipboard / flat pack furniturewomens shelter
solid wood furnitureBHF
batteriesco-op, other drop boxes st sainsburys, robert dyas etc.
bedding / blankets / bedlinenSalvation army/ wildlife sanctuary, eg www.thewildlifelodge.co.uk
booksblack box / second hand/charity
building waste / decorating waste / rubbletip
carpet / ruglocal allotment for weed suppression?
cd cases / dvd cases / disc boxesreuse? no recycling
cds / dvd / discsreuse? artwork/ community projects
clothing / clothescharity/second hand, clothes for causes, WSUP, homeless shelters
coat hangers charity shops
computers / IT hardwarecomputer aid www.computeraid.org
currency / coins / changeFourex kiosk (North ticket hall Victoria st and Bressenden Place). Charity shop?
duvet / pillows / bedding
electricalsEmmaus, freecycle, Curry's? WEE bins
envelopesreinforced card envelopes and jiffy bags in good condition can often be passed on to small businesses for packaging
glasses (reading) / spectaclesSpecsavers, other opricians?
handbags / shoulder bagNorman Park textile recycling
hardback bookscharity shop
jewellery / chainsDaniels, Hatton Garden metals online for gold
lightbulbs (led) / bulbsWEE/tip
pens / writing implements / biro / markerTerracycle: Philippa Foster - BR1 (shortlands)
tights / hosiery / stockingshttps://swedishstockings.com/pages/recycling-club

Kitchen items

Drop off point
clingfilm / stretch wrap / food wrapMorrisons with carriers / other supermarkets / m&S?
crockery / plates / chinasecond hand / charity / Freecycle / shelter https://www.bcwa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Items- currently-needed-2019-2.pdf
drinking glasseswomens shelter https://www.bcwa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Items- currently-needed-2019-2.pdf
foilgreen box, roll into ball for better recycling
Greaseproof paper
kitchen paper and toilet roll tubes / cardboard tubesblack box

Outdoors items

Drop off point
bikes / bicycle / scooter / trikeBikes Revised Crawley or new project - seen facebook post in GCBB
camping gear / tentswww.giftyourgear.com/donate-outdoor-gear/
grass cuttings / garden waste / plant clippingscompost / garden waste collection
inflatables / paddling pools / lilosWyatt and Jack: Bermondsey Fayre, 212 Bermondsey St, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3TQ


Drop off point
bubble wrap / stretchy plasticwith carrier bag at Morrisons and other supermarkets
jiffy bagsBlack box if plastic inner removed.

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