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Greener & Cleaner Bromley (& Beyond) is  all about helping ordinary people work towards creating a greener and more sustainable local community. We are a group of proactive and friendly locals sharing information and resources to reduce our environmental impact at home, at work and in the wider community. This is a judgement-free zone. We are all in this together and at different stages of trying to “be more green”, so please use the information on this site and in our Facebook Group to help you make some real changes. We have a monthly meet up, currently on Zoom, and bring members together through community projects, workshops and events. Never forget: “Small changes can have a big impact”.

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We rely on our passionate volunteers and members to run events and get involved with campaigns.

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Switch to a Green energy tariff for your home to reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save money (especially important given increased home energy use over this pandemic!).

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Monthly events and meet-ups for Greener & Cleaner Bromley (& Beyond) members on Zoom. Everyone is welcome.

Bringing the community together to make small changes that make a big impact.

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Litter picking

There are a number of groups running litter picking sessions all around the borough. They tend to advertise in the GCBB Facebook group.


If you’re unsure what items you can recycle and how, check out  the GCBB Recycling 101 leaflet in our leaflets and flyers section and/ or get advice in the Greener & Cleaner Bromley (&  Beyond) Facebook group.

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Does anybody have tadpoles to share? I have a couple of big sinks in the garden with no frogspawn. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

4 hours ago
Does anybody have tadpoles to share? I have a couple of big sinks in the garden with no frogspawn. Thank you!

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Have lots Sayuri!

I don't mean to be a party pooper but general advice is not to move frogspawn from one location to another. A frog chooses the appropriate place to lay it's spawn, it may recognise good qualities about the water, environment and conditions that it judges to be beat for the survival of its young. Moving it to another location may not be the healthiest option for the chances for the frogs to be able to develop and also can spread disease news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7282649.stm

SEASPIRACY - if you are interested in saving our planet. Please try & watch this program to see how we need to do more to save our seas in order to save our planet. It’s blown me away. On Netflix 💔💔💔 ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Watched this yesterday with my teen. It's alarming... the corruption, slavery... A 'must see' documentary.

Saw it last week, chocking. There is another one also interesting on Netflix called 'Mission blue' it is from 2014, with Sylvia A. Earle ..few years older but she has raised some of the same issues, dead sea zones and how the ocean has changed since she started to study it... And why we should start to do something now while still time.... Very alarming.

In my country in South America at the moment the same invasion of illegal fishing at night by countries invading the waters or waiting fir animals migration at the international waters are in the news. Sadly the same countries you see in that documentary. They filmed the sea at night and if they did not say it was our waters at night I would just said it was a city. It broke my heart. I don't eat much fish and now only but the most sustainable one for my son but after this documentary it is si difficult to even trust the labels

My friend was telling me about this yesterday and I can’t wait to watch it. What she told me about it left me utterly speechless. Just like trees, without our oceans we simply can’t survive. Education on these matters should be mandatory. Our children are so passionate about the planet it will always be a pleasure to them to do the best they can to preserve it. The older generation are currently the problem. I have no idea how it could be tackled on a global scale of such magnitude but at least having the awareness is a starting point. I guess like everything though, people are sceptical as we are constantly lied to. What a sad state of affairs. We should all be grateful to have a small window of opportunity living on this planet. Sorry getting a bit deep now..... ❤️

The trouble is we can't eat anything without it affecting the planet. Vegan food contains so many chemicals and if it is just plants and flowers based diet, most of these are sprayed with chemicals just to keep the freshness or stored for long periods of time in warehouses. Can't eat Soya because 80% of it is GMO. Can't eat fish or meat because that is dangerous for the environment too. Of course it is alarming watching this stuff but people have to eat.

Did you see Cowspiracy on Netflix too Karen? Very similar about meat. Shocking.

I haven't eaten fish since 1982 but I still found this profoundly disturbing as did my 23 year old who has never eaten fish. Its the corrupt food system bringing death and distruction,, slavery & misery. Saying 'we have to eat' is to make yourself a critical part of that system. How you spend each £ is a choice.

I Haven’t eaten meat or fish for 25 years - back then the decision made purely as an animal loving teen. However I’m not one of those preachy type veggies and husband and son both eat meat, daughter verging on veggie. Everyone needs to think about their food choices though no matter meat or veg - how’s it grown/fed and where it’s come from. I heard an interesting POV this week the volume of food a cow eats before slaughter and the land used to grow it could be used to feed so many more people than the cow itself & that to me is crazy - but a great way to make sense of why a meat based diet is not economical for the planet and people. If everyone did a few meat free days a week that would make such a difference.....

Is there a way of watching without Netflix? Don’t have Netflix 🥴 thanks x

Also watch Cowspiracy, if you haven’t done so already. I’ve been vegan for 12 years and thought I was quite aware, but these films have even blown my mind.

Great tip! Thanks I've shared for family watching time. 💚💔

Caroline Rebecca Spurrett Hills

I’ve not seen it yet but was reading something about it on BBC yesterday, very interesting www.bbc.co.uk/news/56660823

www.facebook.com/watch/?v=224351639482002 I've had Chris Packhams rewilding summit live on this morning...it continues this afternoon but is being recorded for later too. Some very informative speakers and short films of different projects around, including marine conservation/rewilding.

Kathryn Crampsie

Will add it to our watch list!

I haven’t seen it yet but I did read an interesting article about it. greenisthenewblack.com/seaspiracy-review-nuanced-take/

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What is the purpose of the council cutting the small piece of grass and wild flowers now? Kevington Drive, the larger areas of grass where children play left uncut.
This is a small island in the road which I was admiring busy with bees last week.
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1 day ago
What is the purpose of the council cutting the small piece of grass and wild flowers now?  Kevington Drive, the larger areas of grass where children play left uncut.
This is a small island in the road which I was admiring busy with bees last week.

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A tip I recently found out is to report on fix my street as an environmental problem - an area of grass and wildflowers which was attracting local pollinators and bees has been destroyed. Share as a comment on here when you have done and we can also log in and comment on your report. The more complaints about this, the more likely those who organise mowing grass will notice our displeasure.

It does fly in the face of Bromley's (draft) Open space strategy. It clearly states that Bromley will - 'Work in partnership with communities and stakeholders to successfully protect, manage and enhance Bromley’s open spaces and habitats to the wider benefit of the built, cultural, and natural environment. Safeguard Bromley’s biodiversity across a range of habitat types including but not limited to designated and amenity sites.'

Contractors don’t always do as they are told.

Hi Debbie McKenzie, I am having an ongoing battle with idverde over scalping the verges on our street - that's the thin strip of weeds/grass between footway and roadway - with a ride-on mower that's twice the width of the verge that leaves a trail of cuttings behind. There are bulbs in flower around all the trees, daisies too, and wild flowers to come. This is the latest from our local idverde community manager: "As the contract stands we are responsible for the length of the grass verges and we are held to account if those conditions are not met ... We would work to an approximation of 3” length ... if a community along a street keep their area maintained then we would not need to cut ... however, when our mowers are along your street even if it is the day before you were thinking of cutting the verge, if the length of grass needs cutting then we will cut as per our contract." So on our street, as Tree Friends we are asked to trim basal growth; as Snow Friends we are tasked with clearing snow and ice; but as Street Friends offering to maintain verges to enhance biodiversity is proving unbelievably difficult. Catch 22: idverde say they must adhere to their contract; Councillors say as many residents complain about grass not being cut as want it left uncut. Neither seem sufficiently interested in rewilding our streets to promote Plantlife: saving wild plants.

Get tog with neibours get a bee bome it will look beautafull pound shop grass seeds will sorte that out too x

I've had a reply. This small patch is within an area for regular grass cutting to be kept looking tidy. Idverde are not able to single out areas unless they are designated on their map which may include where the council has planted spring bulbs. Looks like wild flower areas are only in parks, which seems a shame for this traffic island.

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If you have a Terracycle backlog building up and don't have a local drop off point Terracycle Charlton SE7 have a spring drop off event on Saturday 17th April.
10am-12noon at 8 little heath, Charlton, Se7 8HU. please wear masks and observe social distancing. We will sort on site so please bring any packaging separated by waste stream, see list in the images below.
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2 hours ago
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