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Greener & Cleaner Bromley (& Beyond) is  all about helping ordinary people work towards creating a greener and more sustainable local community. We are a group of proactive and friendly locals sharing information and resources to reduce our environmental impact at home, at work and in the wider community. This is a judgement-free zone. We are all in this together and at different stages of trying to “be more green”, so please use the information on this site and in our Facebook Group to help you make some real changes. We have a monthly meet up, currently on Zoom, and bring members together through community projects, workshops and events. Never forget: “Small changes can have a big impact”.

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We rely on our passionate volunteers and members to run events and get involved with campaigns.

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Switch to a Green energy tariff for your home to reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save money (especially important given increased home energy use over this pandemic!).

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Monthly events and meet-ups for Greener & Cleaner Bromley (& Beyond) members on Zoom. Everyone is welcome.

Bringing the community together to make small changes that make a big impact.

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Litter picking

There are a number of groups running litter picking sessions all around the borough. They tend to advertise in the GCBB Facebook group.


If you’re unsure what items you can recycle and how, check out  the GCBB Recycling 101 leaflet in our leaflets and flyers section and/ or get advice in the Greener & Cleaner Bromley (&  Beyond) Facebook group.

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Has anyone used Purdy and Figg cleaning products and are they any good? ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Comment on Facebook

I’ve not heard of Purdy and Figg. Are they an online company? We’re trying different products out at the mo, but not hit on the best one yet

Rabbit owners please - where do you buy bedding and hay from? Anywhere packaging free locally? Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

21 hours ago

Comment on Facebook

any stables around?

I haven't found packaging free but I generally go for the biggest packs of bedding I can carry which last for months. A few pet shops do really big ones (like the one at Keston garden centre) but cheaper at Jack Frost in Downe if you are passing that way anyway. When the plastic bag is empty it can be recycled at Sainsbury's.

I buy hay from Jack Frost in Downe. It comes in a huge pack for about £5. We reuse the sack for rubbish.

Buy a whole bale and store it in a garden storage box. I do this with straw for my chickens, I found a storage box that fits a bale perfectly

I think Second Chance Animal Rescue Crockenhill have a load left over and selling for a few quid a bale.

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So, just had Ocado delivery, substitution arrives. I tell the driver it will go to waste so please take it back. He informed me that all fridge items go in the skip. He then showed me a photo of yesterdays skip. Can’t give it away Ana’s it’s been out the fridge too long.
I obviously kept the food and neighbour Will have it.
But wow.
Any ideas if we can do anything? It’s in Erith.
... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Shouldn't they transport it refrigerated if it needs refrigeration??? I mean if its good enough to sell to you, surely its good enough to give to a charity!

Please tell me that isn't true? So any refused refrigerated substitutions are binned?

I had an Asda delivery last week and asked if the substitute I didn’t need would go back to store and he said it would…I said I worried it would be thrown and he said it wouldn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

I tried to get an answer out of Ocado as to what they do with returned items, particularly perishable ones. They were persistently cagey. Refused to actually answer the question.

Eventually I just clicked no substitutes for anything. Unfortunately I think it is very true, it all goes in the bin.

Can it be donated to a food bank ?

Olio? Someone could rescue these things and put them on the app

A relative of mine delivered for Tesco for a while when at Uni - they had a store back at the depot for employees to purchase ( that was in Hatfield) 🤷‍♀️

Take it to the local community fridge if there is one?, there are also hubs from supermarkets and cafes where food is then distributed to local community projects.

Frome in Somerset have this amazing community fridge where all the cold food wastage goes to people in need rather than into landfills. The hut looks really cool too, colourful stripes! Amazing initiative.

I used to work for Ocado. Can confirm that all fresh food rejected substitutions get thrown away.

I think we may need to start a petition. Anyone any good at that?!

Waitrose take refrigerated goods back to resell but Ocado don't. I emailed ocado to ask them not to substitute organic meats with non organic because I know they will bin it if I refuse it and, although I don't want to consume non organic meats on principle, I also don't want to be responsible for the waste of an animal product. I asked them just not to send me the item at all if they couldn't provide what I'd asked for. Their response was that they care about their customers and don't want us to go without a product when they can supply an alternative, so they have to send a product if they can and I can just hand it back to the driver if I'm not happy with their choice. Ocado completely ignored my request. Waitrose have a tick box next to each product to dis/allow substitutions. Ocado can definitely do better on this! Now I just accept their substitutions when they happen, request a refund stating "unsuitable substitution" and post the items on the olio app for collection from me for free. I don't have a community fridge nearby otherwise I'd happily take it to one, but the Olio app is great for food sharing.

Share it on Olio! 💚

Thank you for sharing x

Ocado are trying to build a new distribution depot next to my children’s primary school in north London. We’re fighting them to protect our children. nocado.org/ Tortoise media ranked them near the bottom of their responsibility index www.tortoisemedia.com/intelligence/responsibility/

Easiest way to vote is to stop shopping with them 🙂 We personally don’t use a supermarket. We use Riverford for all fresh and GoodClub for all store cupboard stuff. Plus a local plastic free shop 🙂

I’d contact them. On the surface they seem to really care about the environment, so they should really sort this out… perhaps post on their Twitter/ Facebook page. If you post on social media, post a link on this group and we can back your comment.

Reading all of this, I think I’m going to switch to Waitrose.

Why do we need online shopping shops are open longer these days and on sundays

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I’m living in a drafty box of a house!

Any recommendations for underfloor insulation providers? Or a good diy blog?

Brrrrrr thanks all.
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1 day ago

Comment on Facebook

Is it the floor that is drafty? Usually it is windows and/or doors.

What age is house?

Am interested in this too my house is so cold and draughty

there is a FB group called, 'DIY Top Tips On A Budget',well worth joining

I’m looking for underfloor insulation too- any recommendations??

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