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Schools and youth organisations

Climate change for learning

Our dedicated youth outreach lead is here to work with you and the children or young people you support, whether you’re a school, youth organisation or supporting young people.

We believe education is at the root of change so we prioritise partnering with schools and youth organisations. With endless ideas and enthusiasm, we can supplement your curriculum or learning with interesting and engaging workshops and learning opportunities.

From sustainable fashion to empowering young leaders, aged 0-25, we’re experts on climate change for learning. We’re also very happy to support students who may be members of school councils, green committees, eco warriors or interested in climate change.

Discuss the possibilities with us today. We’re not short of ideas if you want to be involved!

Group of young boys blurred in back and foreground, around a young boy sewing and repairing clothes

Changing young lives and young habits

Six schools across Bromley and Greenwich boroughs have been participating in our sustainable fashion project. With their teachers and guided by experts from Greener and Cleaner, students from Bullers Wood School, Coopers School, Glebe School, Langley Park School for Girls, The Ravensbourne School and Eltham Hill are learning how to repair, reuse and upcycle their clothes.

Empowering young leaders

Trendsetters of a different kind; these young people are changing their fashion habits and helping to save the planet. The course empowers all students with opportunities for decision-making, developing leadership skills, and combating climate anxiety. Helping young people feel like an ‘interbeing’; an individual who through their actions within the wider community can contribute to global change.

With thanks to The Platinum Jubilee Fund awarded by The National Lottery Community Fund, these students will benefit from learning skills that will enable them to extend the life of the fashion they love, and reduce their impact on the environment.

There is space for more schools to join this project. If you’d like more information please contact our youth engagement team today.

If you’re a school or youth organisation who would like to deliver teaching around climate change, but the sustainable fashion project isn’t quite what you have in mind, please contact our youth outreach team.

We are also developing a programme of youth engagement activities having already worked with Bromley Youth Council and consulting with young people, and facilitating creative workshops at The Hub for the Fun Palaces sustainability weekend. If you’d like to fund more projects like this to help young people please get in touch.

Our youth outreach team would like to thank Trust Payments for sponsoring the provision of a youth outreach lead.

We warmly welcome support from businesses and charitable foundations who want to support our work with education, support and empowerment for young people from May 2024 onwards. If you’re interested please do get in touch.

Resources for schools and youth organisations

We have found a number of useful resources and are happy to support you in your use of them.

Greener and Cleaner also run school events and a separate Facebook group dedicated to eco ideas and support in schools. Read about our schools eco Ideas and support here.