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Ground-breaking research

Ground-breaking research

Our ground-breaking research helps us better understand what stops people from acting; and what drives them to make changes in their lives.

75% of adults and 90% of children are worried about climate change and eco anxiety is on the rise. Commonplace advice and strategies for sustainable living leave many feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, cynical, or excluded from the conversation.

Progress towards sustainability is hampered by poor public communication strategies, and resultant confusion about what action is needed on an individual, social and systemic level.

“We know that the public is unsure of what net zero will mean in practice, what steps they can take, or they face barriers that stop them from acting” BEIS, 2021.

To continue connecting and engaging with people in a meaningful way, we need to better understand attitudes, experiences and viewpoints around climate change.

Our research will help us learn what stops people from acting; and what drives them to make and embed change in their lives.

Our research will do just that

The research will increase diversity and inclusion in climate change, active engagement and open discussions for systemic change. Its aims include:

  1. Produce a peer reviewed behavioural science research report that highlights communications and outreach activities that effectively reach and actively engage all groups and demographics. (Working title: ‘Diversity and Inclusion for Sustainable Living’).
  2. Create a blueprint that codifies our Hub model and research, which can be shared and upscaled across the UK.
  3. Expand our accessible, community-led programme of activity at the Greener & Cleaner pilot Hub in South East London and better understand its impact.

The big ideas

Listen to our founder, Parisa Wright, and Chief Strategy Officer Clare Searle, speaking to Property X-Change with Dr Richard Carmichael, Imperial College London, talking about the big ideas behind The Hub. The recording also features volunteer and Hub user, Gemma. The weblink gives a handy summary if listening isn’t your thing.

We’re seeking funders for stage two

This work has received endorsement and support from Dr Richard Carmichael (Imperial College London), Dr Kris De Meyer (UCL), Professor Colin Strong (IPSOS) and funding from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

To date, we have secured significant funding (over £700,000) from various sources including The National Lottery, BEIS, individual giving, in-kind and pro-bono support. This has enabled us to launch The Hub and make a tangible difference at a local level.

We are now seeking funding to sustain and embed The Hub, develop the research programme, and share the results nationally between now and 2025. We are seeking a total of £1,425,000 over 2.5 years.

You can read the full case for funding here and the summary of our research here.

To aid your decision and discuss more details, speak to one of our Senior Leadership Team.

We’re making impact

In the first year of being a registered charity we helped people become their own superheroes becoming greener and cleaner. Watch Beverley and you can read our first impact report.