Active Travel

Active travel is not only great for your health but also for the planet. The more people walk, cycle or jog to work/ school/shops/clubs, the less cars on the road and the better the air quality. Public transport tends to also be included in active travel as it invariably involves some walking. This website maps the emissions of your commute based on the various modes of transport used and is absolutely brilliant:

Let’s review the various active travel mode and link to useful local resources:


Cycling has had a huge revival and increase in popularity during lockdown when cars on the roads were few and far between. With traffic now back (or sometimes exceeding) pre-Covid 19 level, Cycling has once again become a bit more challenging. However, fear not, as there are free schemes that can help you become a more confident cyclist.


Walking has a number of health and environmental benefits: it reduces your carbon footprint to 0, saves you money, gets you fit, decreases your stress levels and has been shown to improve productivity and performance at work / school.  If distances are too great to enable solely walking to work, getting off one stop early and walking the final leg of the journey to work still presents huge benefits. If you must drive, parking your car 20 minutes from your workplace and walking the remaining distance to work will have you get to work feeling more refreshed, energised and motivated to start the working day.