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Lewisham council declared a Climate Emergency in February 2019 and has been pursuing its stretching objectives since then, with a two-person council team, and a third added in October 2020. All three Lewisham MPs  declare themselves supportive of the environment, but with 800,000 tonnes of CO2e for a borough of 300,000 people, there is a long way to go. Green space and biodiversity have been well stewarded, with wise flood management and support for parks and friends’ groups.

The north of Lewisham on average has lower income, few own cars and the population is younger, while the south is more suburban, contains more families and more cars. Indeed, traffic and through-traffic are among the worst environmental problems for Lewisham. The South circular blights the middle of the borough and causes air pollution problems and Lewisham has a higher than average child asthma rate, a fact which has contributed to calls for further traffic management.

There are a range of organisations and businesses addressing environmental issues, some long-established, and many new. Lewisham has a proud history of social engagement and small business success, including shops, crafts people, food outlets and cultural organisations. Many well-networked organisations support those on low incomes and create the rich social fabric that makes Lewisham a great place to live and work.

Overall, the borough is very ethnically diverse and young in population, with over 20% under 19 years. This makes it a great place to ‘be the change’ and see the Great Transition come into being.

Working with practical projects in the community to raise awareness and offer on-the-ground solutions

Connects people to healthy, sustainable and affordable food that is grown, produced and prepared locally to promote a vibrant food culture and prospering local economy in Lewisham.

Very long-standing alliance of parks Friends’ groups and nature reserves, great network with good relationships with the council.

Connecting Lewisham community. Giving, sharing and working together to build happier, healthier communities.

A beautiful nature-based community project area by the Pool river, doing gardening, community cohesion, forest school, eco-craft, food-making, bee-keeping, etc. Fabulous people.

Set up to support the Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Lee Green/Lewisham, struggling like hell at the moment, but good web info, and committed people.

For children, long-standing ‘Little Explorers’ in local SE4 nature reserve, currently off-line but probably back soon.