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Local campaigns

We’re in it together

Our roots are firmly in the communities we serve. We’re here to support you with issues you’re raising and local campaigns you’re running.

If you’re campaigning about something locally, please get in touch and tell us about it.

If you’d like to campaign on a national level, check out our top tips and useful links here.

Local campaigns

Nature-friendly verges

Nature-friendly verges are of huge benefit to wildflowers, pollinators, and other nature – especially when we reduce mowing. They open up biodiversity corridors too.

How you can support this local campaign

With consideration of lines of sight, stop mowing any grass verges outside your home (along with your lawn).

Write to your local councillors and highlight verges that you would like to see mown less often. Although you’ll need to have an awareness of, and consider, any lines of sight that might be affected.

Give feedback on Bromley Council’s two-year pilot for nature-friendly verges. You can also suggest more verges to be included.

Greener and Cleaner are working with other groups to highlight specific areas where the relevant council could implement this too. If you have an area to add, please get in touch.

Dandelion clocks / seed heads growing in a grass verge with blurred parked car in the background