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Greener and Cleaner Community Hub in The Glades!

Greener and Cleaner Community Hub poster


We are aiming to launch the Greener and Cleaner Community Hub in The Glades in a few months’ time !!

Our Hub will host a Library of Things , and also be a space for us to hold events, talks, repair parties and workshops. It will also be a welcoming information hub to encourage residents and local businesses to think more about their environmental impact and the benefits of the sharing economy.

We’ll be keeping you updated on all the plans over the next few weeks and months, but we could really do with your help. This is a really ambitious 3 year project – we’ve already raised £270k of funding in donation and in kind for the lifespan of the project, and need to raise a further £30K to cover fittings and running costs for the first year.

We’re hoping that we can show this model works and use it as a blueprint in other parts of the country (we told you it is ambitious! ).

So help us kickstart the sharing economy in Bromley and beyond, create a new wonderful community space open to all and make the whole borough more environmentally friendly! Your contribution will make the difference between the hub opening or not, but all donations will be used for community environmental projects in either case. No donation is too small or too big 😉

Greener & Cleaner Community Hub Fundraiser

Thank you!
The Greener and Cleaner team

Greener and Cleaner Bromley Hub - proposed site Change the world banner

Greener and Cleaner Green Hub Crowdfunding poster

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Where is it in the glades ?

It will be upstairs next to HMV from 11/12 March x

It only takes one person at a time to make a huge difference for everyone

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