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We did it! The Hub celebrates its first birthday

Father helps daughter make own Christmas crackers

We did it! Lockdown dreams become a reality for local charity

The Hub, from local charity Greener and Cleaner, is excited to celebrate its first birthday this month, and is asking for help from supporters to ensure this birthday is the first of many!

Greener and Cleaner started life as a Facebook group in 2019 for Parisa Wright and her friends to share eco tips with each other and make a difference locally. Thousands were soon inspired to join, keen to embrace a greener lifestyle whilst helping make a difference in the local community.

Lockdown dreams

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the group focussed on what the future would hold; including converting Greener and Cleaner into a charity and making ambitious plans for a new green community hub in The Glades shopping centre, Bromley.

Today, both the registered charity and The Hub, which opened in March 2022, are a reality. Manned by a great team and passionate volunteers, The Hub forms the basis of a ground-breaking research project to find out what is needed to better understand attitudes, experiences and viewpoints around climate change; know what stops people from acting; and learn what drives them to make and embed change in their lives.

Financial support is crucial to ensure that Greener and Cleaner can continue providing its valuable community resources, and the charity is asking people to consider making a regular donation to support its work.

Founder and CEO Parisa Wright enthuses: “No one doubts the need for systemic change, but there is so much we can do on an everyday basis as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re bringing the community together, empowering everyone to make changes, improving their wellbeing and reducing their cost of living at the same time. We are reaching out to our fantastic followers to ask whether they could consider supporting our work with a regular donation to help make sure we are able to continue providing these vital services to the local community”.

The Hub team are kept busy hosting daily events and workshops for the local community, teaching skills such as mending and upcycling, and providing information on energy saving amongst a wide range of other topics. Almost 200 events have been held in The Hub in its first year, with many more scheduled for the coming months.

Big success

Since the doors opened a year ago, thousands of people have visited and benefited from advice and support from knowledgeable staff and volunteers – even if it’s as simple as choosing one thing they’re going to change and how to go about it. In just one weekend, over a thousand people visited The Hub when it held its first Christmas fair in December 2022. Nearly two thousand hours have been given by volunteers too.

As The Hub celebrates how far it has come in its first year, Greener and Cleaner invites everyone to come in and chat with a volunteer about how they can start living a little greener, or to try an event or workshop for the first time.

In the run-up to their first birthday Greener and Cleaner plan to share sustainable party and celebration tips across all their social media, and are encouraging members of the public to get involved in any way they can!


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