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£20,000 raised in minutes

Leads from all three charities, including Parisa Wright from Greener and Cleaner, pitching at TFN Summer Connector

Greener and Cleaner pitched to donors at The Funding Network’s Summer Connector event on 20th June raising £20,000 in minutes.

The Funding Network is an open network which links potential donors to charitable causes and social entrepreneurs through live crowdfunding. They aim to connect non-profits and donors that share their vision of a fair, inclusive and sustainable world. With a particular focus on small charities, Greener and Cleaner were honoured to be selected to attend the Summer Connector event.

Held at Rathbone Greenbank Investments on 20th June, it was a lovely summer evening full of passion and interest. Greener and Cleaner pitched alongside Artistic Spectrum and Give a Book. All the charities were endorsed by a celebrity supporter. Brilliant Paul Ready (Motherland) generously gave up his time to support Greener and Cleaner. Sophie McShera, better known as Downton Abbey’s Daisy, supported Artistic Spectrum and actor Toby Stephens endorsed Give a Book.

Tense wait pays off

After pitches concluded and donations opened it was a tense wait, but in just over 30 minutes over £60,000 was raised across the three charities with Greener and Cleaner receiving pledges totalling a phenomenal £20,000.

These vital funds will improve data collection and team training, as well as increasing impact in hard to reach communities for Greener and Cleaner.

Thank you to Paul Ready for his wonderful support. Thank you to all who attended on the night, pledging and supporting Greener and Cleaner.

Photo Credit: The Funding Network/Daniel Lewis

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